All Quake things considered.

7/7/97 (QUAKE Things!)

New things afoot… I have begun work on a new set of Quake Digital Trading Cards. I recently got a Vérité™-based 3D card and I can do things with Quake screen shots that I could only fantasize about doing before.* Quake has suddenly taken on a whole new appearance. The visuals are stunning. With this new level of clarity in the imagery, I've been able to stage some exquisite Quake scenes, as well as capture some amazing combat imagery.

As for new fiction (this area of the site has slowed considerably), I will soon be posting my follow-up story to the Wir cycle. Entitled "Shade," it details the plight of one of Wir's assistants, who follows in his footsteps. On another note, this site may be doing some interesting things with Frag.Com. I have yet to hear back from them, but their site is truly cool. Check it out.

* Why the Vérité™ you might ask? Before you get all crazy on me about the 3Dfx, let me state that my 2D card uses a 2D chipset from S3; there is an inherent incompatibility between the S3-968 chipset and DirectX and (ultimately) the 3Dfx chipset; it concerns the type of memory mapping technique the 968 uses - it stinks. This can cause crashes when used in conjunction with, say, a Monster 3D board, or any "add on" 3Dfx board. Yes, there is a fix for this, but it still causes horrid problems with 2D DirectX games, of which I have many; rather than a fix, it is, at best, a mere workaround. So it was either buy a Monster 3D ($200) along with a new 2D card (easily $150 for a good one) or $150 for a Sierra Screamin' 3D, which, while not necessarily a 2D powerhouse, still offers some great resolutions with excellent refresh rates. Did I screw up? Probably, considering how amazing 3Dfx games are; Vérité™ Quake, however, is still stunning. Just wait for the new trading cards. You'll see.

6/9/97 (QUAKE Things!)

The site is still alive! It seems the monstrous tidal wave that was Quake has subsided a bit. I'm sure there are those who are just now purchasing Quake from the stores (if you're one of those people, you sure did miss out! Nothing, and I stress, NOTHING, will ever compare to surfing the initial Quake-wave! It was quite the time, I must say, and to think -- it began almost exactly a year ago!). QUAKE Things! (this site) is still getting some cool responses from web users about the Quake Digital Trading Cards and Quake Fiction. The Disappearance of Alexander Wir story has been re-published at the Cthulhu Mythos Original Short Fiction web-site (a very cool site if you're into Lovecraft). Clan Cthulhu activity has waned as well (this is understandable. If anyone wants to take control of Clan Cthulhu, I'd be more than happy to hand over the mouse). At any rate, Quake On, and may Cthulhu overlook your meddlings…

2/17/97 (Barrett Alexander, id Software)

As you know, Quake Mission Pack #1 from id, Activision and Hipnotic is due to hit the shelves on February 25th. We are very excited about these new levels, Hipnotic has done a fantastic job! [Check out] http://www.activision.com/quake [to] learn all about the new mission pack.

Quake Mission Pack #2 from id, Activision and Rogue is due to hit the shelves on March 25th. The same certainly goes for this set of levels as well, this is great stuff. They incorporate CTF (with a couple of new CTF modes) in all the levels, true death-matchers will really like this Mission Pack!

1/6/97 (QUAKE Things!)

Yes, this site is still alive!

I recently got a pretty cool job as a digital artist at Dead Alive Productions (doing box/ad art, posters, web-design, etc) and I've been making a supreme effort to please the "uppers" - consequently, this site has been switched into the background (I'm at work right now, in fact).

As for QUAKE Things, I had a new section ready to be installed that featured some really weird Quake fiction, and I still might do it, provided I can rescue all the e-mail I lost (I had a massive Win95 problem, which destroyed all my "saved" correspondence for the last two years). I nearly had a nervous breakdown, and took a much needed vacation from anything vaguely computer-like. Hopefully, I am "back" now. Hopefully.

I ask only for a wee bit of patience from you during this most difficult, transitional period. Imagine, if you can, not being able to spend 40+ hours a week playing video games - imagine it! Sure, I'm still dropping cash all over the place (C&C: Red Alert, Heroes of Might & Magic 2, Diablo -- to name only a few), but have I played any games lately? I don't bloody think so…

Hmmm… on the bright side, I think I just discovered I love typing "wee" (see above).

Wee. WEE. WEE!

Quake on!

1/6/97 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

I don't have a .plan file. :)

My last day here is tomorrow. I resigned as Director of Marketing and Distribution at id, and after a brief stop in Cancun, will start work as the CEO of Ion Storm on Jan 15th.



10/9/96 (QUAKE Things!)

QUAKE Things! has begun a bold new project - to become a repository for some of the best Quake-related fiction on the net! In the next few days excellent new fiction by Holden Shearer will debut (The Encroaching Shadows), followed shortly thereafter by a new tale in the saga of Dr. Alexander Wir (Shade). Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

09/24/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

Just wanted to drop a line to let the homeys know there will be another real-audio/live chat Quakecast from Pseudo.com this thursday night at 9pm (est). I will be calling in along with Mike Ryan from PC Mag, some clan leaders, and the #quake undernet ops. We'll be talkin' about the event in New York and the aftermath, as well as discussing things we are gonna do to the Pseudo.com interface at www.idsoftware.com to make it THE place for live Quake talk. We plan to make this a weekly event, with different id members and guests each week. We believe this will become an integral part to faster feedback/implementation to get QuakeWorld where we all want it to be much faster. Cya online!

09/08/96 (Clan Cthulhu)

Clan Cthulhu lost 15 to -6 (negative) today in ClanRing competition to the Brotherhood of Chaos.


It wasn't an ideal start to the season for Clan Cthulhu. They will claim that the match should have been played on Saturday, the 7th - and that it was cruelly moved to Sunday, the 8th. The team that had been assembled on Saturday (Choryoth [T1], Download [28.8], Leonidas [28.8], and Uluhtc [T1]) could not all make it on Sunday. Most notably absent was Choryoth (T1), away on international duty (known as CC's star player, Choryoth was obtained a month ago on waivers from the Rangers 2040 clan); his presence was sorely needed. The ping for the day was abysmal, especially for Clan Cthulhu, relegated to 28.8 connections. The location was The Abandoned Base. A slew of roster mishaps then led to a two-on-two match which played more like 2-on-˝, the '2' being Brotherhood of Chaos, who seemed to have much better ping, and managed several quality kills. Uluhtc (28.8 for the match, normally a T1) of Clan Cthulhu, when not getting disconnected, made a valiant attempt to play but lag made him a sitting duck, leading one member of Brotherhood of Chaos to remark "Who's just standing there?" Download (28.8), the founder of Clan Cthulhu, fared better in open spaces and non-combat movement, but lag often sent him to his doom when the action started. Any kills he made were often nullified moments later when he suddenly found himself across the room, in water, frying himself with the Thunderbolt. Clan Cthulhu will not be pleased with this result, especially considering a very low-ping team of four had been present the previous day only to have their match canceled due to "technical difficulties." (Reuters)

09/02/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

(It has been reported that Electronics Boutique -- a chain of ludicrously over-priced software stores -- has been selling "grey market" versions of Quake over the counter; these are unencrypted versions of the game intended for sale in Europe only. If you find yourself in possession of such a copy, Mike Wilson has made several suggestions):

Any and all customers caught in this unenviable position should:

1) Report the name, phone, and address of the offending retailer to us.

2) Let that retailer know how you feel about them selling illegal product (in case they don't know it's illegal). If they are doing it willingly, let the mall management know.

3) Let GT Interactive know about it all, since that's their illegally-imported box.

4) Enjoy Quake!

08/30/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

Just a quick note of celebration; now that Quake is in stores everywhere, the ride will truly begin. We should see a huge swell in participation in the phenomenon that we all helped to create -- clans by the thousands! I would also like to invite any and all of you to let those retailers that are selling the illegally-imported and pirated full versions of Quake know how you feel about it. We have gotten many letters of support and reports of offenders from you guys and other Quakers out there, and we really appreciate it. It's good to know that the vast majority of our customers not only care about playing our games, but care about us and our success as a company. Thanks, and we'll see you on the net!

08/27/96 (ClanRing)

The draw has been announced for the first ClanRing Quake Tournament. Clan Cthulhu is in group C (only fitting) and will be doing battle with The Brotherhood of Chaos on the 7th of September. Stay tuned for pre-match reports on this history-making tournament.

08/18/96 (QUAKE Things!)

QUAKE Things! launches Clan Cthulhu. To check it out, click here.

08/16/96 (Gamespot)

QUAKE Things! has been selected as an official "GameSpot HotSpot!" Thanks, GameSpot!

08/16/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

EVERYBODY: Go check out the new section of our web-page called QuakeWorld. It will be the future area for... well, you know. But for now, we are offering sign-ups to become an official id-recognized clan for the ensuing world. All the information is on the page, as well as the first few clans that have signed up.

08/12/96 (Q & A with Mike Wilson, id Software)

Q: "[When will] the Windows 95 version of Quake [be released]?"

A: As usual, we don't have an E.T.A. It will be "done when it's done."

Q: "I've been waiting for it [Win 95 version] before registering… Quake."

A: No need to wait... as always we will be offering the Windows 95 upgrade for free to our registered users. It will likely just be a new, downloadable EXE. You could be waiting quite a while for a commercially-available Windows 95 version.

Q: "And what about the QuakeWorld client software? From the [press] release, it looks like this will require new software on both ends; will this be a free upgrade or what?"

A: We will offer whatever upgrades necessary for free to registered users. We do not believe in hitting our customers more than once for a specific title.

08/09/96 (Technology Solutions Inc., via Mike Wilson, id Software)

id Software's John Romero to Start New Computer Gaming Company

Mesquite, TX, August 8, 1996 -- id Software, developers of the hit computer games DOOM and QUAKE, announced today that co-owner and game designer John Romero will be leaving the company in an amicable split. Romero, who has been with id Software since the company was founded in February 1991, plans to start his own game company, tentatively named Dream Design.

"John has been integral to the incredible growth and notoriety of id Software," said Jay Wilbur, id Software's biz guy. "We wish him the best of luck and can't wait to see his creations."

According to Romero, "This new venture will allow me to focus on different types of games in addition to the first-person action genre. id has the most powerful 3D technology in the industry and I will definitely be licensing it. I plan on working with id first as a licensing partner; perhaps more in the future. I wish id well and will miss working with all my friends and partners."

id Software, founded in 1991, is a software development company located in Mesquite, Texas. Id's team of talented developers continue to make gaming history by creating and publishing one sensational action game after another. Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, HEXEN and QUAKE have created a frenzied demand worldwide and have managed to consistently break shareware and retail sales records at home and abroad.

Contact: Lori Mezoff, Audrey Mann

Technology Solutions Inc.

(212) 696-2000

lmezoff@tsipr.com or amann@tsipr.com

08/06/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

I just want to thank you guys and gals for all the responses to my request for help in identifying and crushing Quake pirate sites. Rest assured that your time won't be wasted in responding. We need as much information as we can to do a thorough job here, and hopefully we can send a clear message to the bastards who are driving our industry into the ground and continually raising the price of software.

I have forwarded all of your messages to the pirate-hunters at the SPA, and I'm sure they will be all over it. Thanks again.

BTW, July Quake orders started shipping Monday. A few shipped on Saturday. They don't all go out on the same day mind you, but most of you and your patrons will have their quake 1.01 legally this week. :)

08/05/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

Please report any instances of piracy of Quake 1.01 or "beta 3" directly to me. We fully intend to prosecute all violators with the help of the SPA.

07/22/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

All orders place in June will ship out today or tomorrow for delivery tomorrow or Wednesday. Don't call me if it doesn't show up 'til Thursday. :)

All orders placed anytime from July 1 onward will ship out on or around the 1st of August.

All orders in the U.S. will go out Airborne Express next-afternoon delivery.

All international orders will go out via U.S. Mail, and as described in ORDER.TXT, we cannot guarantee the speed of these deliveries. We anticipate about 10 days, but you never know with customs and different countries.

The retail shareware product, with the full version encrypted will be in North American stores on Aug 30.

The full version retail product will be on shelves only outside North America, and these will be available on or about the first week of September.

07/19/96 (Mike Wilson, id Software)

Just a note to check the state of the list and let you know that the full version of Quake will be shipping to our direct order customers on Monday! Get ready to see a bunch of servers running episodes 2, 3, and 4. The retail street date for the shareware CD with the full version encrypted is August 30.

The full version that we ship direct is not encrypted, and costs $45 at 1-800-idgames. There is also a $5 shipping charge, which we use to send the orders out Airborne Express next-afternoon delivery.