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QUAKE Things!

"Featuring the ultimate 'alternate' Quake story-line…"

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Last update: 8/15/97

Site maintained by James Kracht

This is an archive of a Website from the 20th century. The content is related to the video game 'Quake' from id Software. Long-dead links have been set to #null but the page layout has been preserved in almost all cases. This site was the home of Clan Cthulhu, and was notable as the source for two packs of Quake Digital Trading Cards. The first series was called "Dimension of the Doomed" and encompassed the Shareware release of Quake. The second series was called "QUAKE: The Registered Version" and encompassed the full retail release of the game. These haven't been available for download for nearly 20 years. See the link above to grab your copies.