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Steam Play FTEQW is now available
Sat, 10 Jul 2021 12:49:34 +0200

If you own games such as Quake(TM) and other titles supported by FTEQW on the Steam(TM) digital distribution service, you will now be able to run them to use our favorite engine! Linux only.

SteamPlay FTEQW on

Just grab the latest steamplay-fteqw tarball and put it into a folder named 'compatibilitytools.d', then restart the Steam(TM) client. Now when selecting a compatibility tool under a game's preference setting, the FTEQW tool will be available!

Note: It will use the system/local fteqw binary, it won't ship with one! Grab the latest engine binary for your platform and place it into your $PATH, like the 'bin' directory in your home.

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