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What's a Frag?

frag [frag], verb (used with object), fragged, fragĀ·ging.
slang used by computer game players to describe
the act of defeating another player.

What is Frag-Net?

For players...

It's what powers the online-features of current and future videogames!
Hosting chat-rooms, server-lists and news about cult games both new and old.

Games directly supporting for online play feature the ability to host game servers without the need for port-forwarding. This is a feature commonly implemented on proprietary network services, but here it's available for free, for all.

Every game page attempts to protocol the official files released for a certain game! This is always expanding! We're sometimes the only provider of said files, too.

For developers...

A free-to-use infrastructure to host your online game features on.
You don't need to maintain a thing, we'll do it all!

What makes Frag-Net so awesome?

Frag-Net requires no accounts!
It's not another service you have to sign up for.
It just works in the background and your games communicate with it!
Play games without having to forward ports or rent expensive dedicated servers when you just want a quick match with your friends.

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