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Project: FreeHL

The FreeHL project includes rewrites of Half-Life and some of its mods to the QuakeC programming language using FTE QuakeWorld and Nuclide.

It strives to provide a free-software multi-platform replacement that can be enjoyed akin to the other games we enjoy playing over at Frag-Net!

Currently the focus is on multi-player games, using the original content from the CD-version of Half-Life. Feel free to mess around, but you do not need to let us know about the various things that do not work quite yet!


Latest release (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/valve/


Counter-Strike (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/cstrike/

Gunman Chronicles (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/rewolf/

Opposing Force (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/gearbox/

Poke646 (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/poke646/

Scientist Hunt (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/scihunt/

Team Fortress Classic (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/tfc/

The Specialists (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/ts/

They Hunger (03-22-2024), save it into Half-Life/hunger/


You will need a copy of FTE QuakeWorld for your platform. Place that in the root of your Half-Life game directory, that’s where your hl.exe normally is.

In order to play any of the mods, make sure the FreeHL (valve) game pak is present!

Getting the data

We will never share or bundle game content directly. Use your own patched copy of Half-Life to play.

Editing/building the sources

Be familar with the git program, and you can clone Nuclide, and then within that directory clone the respective game repositories of your choice.

Use FTEQCC to compile a game/mod within valve/src or whatever game/mod you’re trying to build.


This is all provided as-is under the terms of the ISC License. Do not bother Valve, id software or anyone else about this.


These people have contributed code to FreeHL directly:

  • eukara
  • Spike of FTEQW
  • Xylemon
  • Theuaredead`
  • preston22
  • dqus

And many people have pointed out issues, contributed feedback and encouraged this project along the way. Thank you all! This is for you.

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