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Kingpin: Life of Crime

Developer: Xatrix Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Release Date: July 2, 1999
Chat-Room: #kingpin
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Somewhere in a past that never existed lies the world of Kingpin- a landscape of burned-out buildings and urban decay, where local gangs rule the streets. Begin your rise to the top by assembling your own gang of thugs. If a new member turns out to be a punk, waste him and make way for new blood.

Moving up in the world is sure to attract the attention of the Kingpin; eventually you're going to have to take him down.

But you knew that anyway...

• Rumble with up to 16 human gangsters via LAN internet with multi-player gang-bang for control of your turf.

• Recruit a gang of thugs and rule the streets. Your gang will follow you on a big job, back you up in a fight, or hang back to guard your turf.

• Shoot a snitch in the kneecaps, or snuff out a rival with a single head-shot and watch them bleed.

• The local Pawn-O-Matic has the weapons you need if you have the cash.

• Talk to people the way you want... from smack to cool.

Built upon the Quake II engine, taking graphic violence to a whole new level.


How-to-play On-line

To be written.


Filename Size Description
kingpin_v110_patch.exe 662 KB Kingpin Patch v1.10
kingpin_v121_patch.exe 2219 KB Kingpin Patch v1.21
kingpin-1.20_glibc-i386-linux2.0.tar.gz 3232 KB Kingpin v1.20 binaries for i386 Linux 2.0+ 550 KB Kingpin v1.20 to v1.20 patch for i386 Linux server 1579 KB Kingpin SDK v1.21 22 KB Kingpin SDK v1.21 NavLib object file for i386 Linux

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