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Juggernaut for Quake II

Developer: Canopy Games
Publisher: HeadGames
Release Date: Jan 11, 1998
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital: never released


Juggernaut For Quake II

Featuring the greatest story-based levels ever created

All new single player & deathmatch levels

Juggernaut propels you through the ultimate conversion of Quake II, with all new levels, monsters and weapons plus over 650 all-new exclusive textures.

• Continue the challenge of Quake II with a whole new story and levels.

• 13 new single-player & death match levels including ice caves, steamy ungles & the Juggernaut complex.

• 5 new monsters, all with their unique strengths & weaknesses.

• 2 all-new deadly weapons, the EMP & Blade guns.

• Over 650 all-new, original 3-D modeled textures for high clarity and realistic movement.

• All original maps and new sounds bring the distinct Juggernaut environments to life!


Magazine features

Computer Gaming World #167 - Jun 1998 (Review)

How-to-play On-line

Grab a FTE QuakeWorld executable for your system and start playing immediately! You can host a server without port-forwarding by changing the 'Public' setting to 'Hole-Punch', which will show up in's master server list immediately!


Filename Size Description
JUGPATCH.EXE 1.1 MB Juggernaut Start Menu Patch File (Win32)

Staff Commentary

Usually we don't comment on game pages, but this one is a riot. First of all, there are two versions of this addon that have been released commercially. Juggernaut for Quake II Deluxe Edition and Juggernaut for Quake II. Contrary to common sense, the Deluxe Edition is NOT the full version of the game.

You can tell which version you have by either spotting the absence of any 'Deluxe Edition' branding, but also by the ad-blurb on the back of the packaging. If it notes that you get 26 levels instead of 13 levels then congratulations, you own the full version. You can also spot that one by its UPC code which should be 737514211638. The incomplete 'Deluxe Edition' has the UPC code 737514211645.

This game also caused id software's Paul Steed to rant on his .plan file. We are in the process of tracking that text down. Update: We have found the follow-up post, which does not have anything nicer to say.

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