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Action Quake II


Ever seen a great action movie and thought to yourself:

"Sometimes I wish Quake2 was more like this!"

Well, so have we, and we did something about it...

The Idea:

We wanted to try and make a Quake2 MOD where strategy, accuracy, and just damn cool looking fights dominate. We tried it, and it's the most fun we've ever had in a DM game, we think you'll feel the same way when you try it.

The idea is that each bullet counts for a lot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pump them full of as many bullets as you can spare; they'll get a chance to shoot back before they die if you don't finish them off. Cover actually means something, it's better to make sure there's a pillar or a desk near by to duck behind, especially if you have to reload or bandage yourself.

Once in a while it's nice to get away from the rocket launcher/bfg fights, and see what it's like to fly up from behind the bar with a shotgun, or to drop behind your enemy through a skylight, executing them with one bullet. Plus, you look damn smooth while you're doing it!



Simply have to unzip all the files to the directory [...]/quake2/action/.

How to play

Run Quake II with the parameter +set game action.


Filename Size Description 8.4 MB Action Quake II v1.0c 373 KB Action Quake II v1.0c Hotfix 286 KB Action Quake II v1.0c VWep Fix 12.2 MB Popular Mappack I 17.9 MB Popular Mappack II 176.5 MB Uber Mappack
as-1.5.tar.gz 223 KB Action Quake II source code v1.5
as-1.51.tar.gz 234 KB Action Quake II source code v1.51
as-1.52.tar.gz 253 KB Action Quake II source code v1.52

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